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Belonging and Becoming are very important functions in our Community life and discipleship. Belonging is what we are vested with when we come into the Community life. Becoming is what we are vested with when we go out into the world as disciples. We are equipped and constantly helping others to equally be equipped as disciples. A sound and culturally competent discipleship is what we are all about into this world (Mt.9:37).


Our Pastor, Rev. Gabriel M. Ipasu, is a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. He is an ordained minister and clergy of the Anglican Union for the propagation of the Gospel; he also serves as a professional hospital chaplain and an Outreach pastor to African refugee and immigrant families, and many other families in Central Florida. Pastor Gabriel, his beloved family and all of us are very passionate about building and living in a Community of true Christ’s disciples; A community rooted in the Gospel and sound Christian values where justice, peace and unity are heard and seen every day. Men, women and children of all ages and cultures we embrace and serve with love and passion. Team spirit and highly versed in culture and diversity, we feel blessed to answer this call and journey together as brothers and sisters and disciples of Christ. 

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