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What We Do

Many African refugee families, individuals and immigrants do not have the benefit of a support system they identify with when they first arrive and begin the process of resettlement or Community integration in the U.S.A.

Here in Orlando, Central Florida, where we have conducted a brief inquiry, a significant African population clearly express willingness to join hands with the larger local Community and provide an effective support to these families and individuals. Many local leaders and very caring citizens, Africans, and non-Africans, among them older generations of refugee families, wrestled for years with this socio-cultural and economic impasse affecting many African refugees and immigrants.

With their inspiration and support, AFCO was born as an organization that effectively assist these families and individuals in their efforts to successfully integrate the local Community life.

Our Mission

To help African families and individuals maximize their chances of living well, achieving greater goals, and making a difference. 

Our Moto

Respect, Honesty, and confidentiality are our best policy. Authentic Love, Compassion and simplicity are our strength 

AFCO is all about providing cultural orientation and a long term support at all possible levels to African refugees and immigrants, other African families and individuals who come to Central Florida and are in need. We reach out to other African Communities and Organizations for greater African presence and contribution to this great cause. We partner with State and Federal Government agencies, local Churches, organizations, and businesses for resources and the shared goal of Community peace building.

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